No matter the feelings about the afterlife, everyone yearns to see their departed family and friends at least one more time. Perhaps the most touching form of ghostly encounters is that with a family member or friend who has passed on. The power of being contacted by loved ones from beyond the grave is celebrated in these supernatural stories from around the world. Each tale of reconnection is related in the words of the person who experienced it along with thoughts about what they gained from the experience. In one story, each time two sisters quarrel over their late mother's possessions, the sound of phone ringing can be heard even when there is no phone around. In another, a mother returns to her daughter in a dream to provide comfort and relief during trying times. The themes of contacting the living for one last goodbye runs throughout this collection, offering consolation and closure to those who have lost beloved family members and friends.

Have you lost a pet, leaving a hole in your heart? When beloved pets die, they aren't always gone. Sometimes they reach out to comfort, warn, or protect their owners. Paranormal experiences, told by the people who lived them, fill this collection of haunting encounters with departed pets. Skeptics will ponder where reality stops and another dimension begins after reading these spine-tingling and compelling stories. Touching stories of treasured pets who return to comfort their grieving owners and alert them to imminent danger, fire, or intruders are included in Personal Stories of Departed Pets, as are many more supernatural experiences and encounters with beloved pets that simply cannot be explained away.